Considerations for Buying a Home You Will Rent Seasonally in Southwest Florida

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    The first consideration that you should make when choosing a home to purchase and rent out seasonally, is whether or not the home offers potential renters a true vacation lifestyle. People that choose to spend their winters here typically do so for reasons that make this region unique: to enjoy the warm winter weather, sunshine, the Gulf of Mexico beaches and Gulf breezes, and the many options for boating, fishing and beaches.

    The peak “high” season in Southwest Florida is January through April (Easter). Mid seasons are October through December and May to June. Summer is the low season. This region is different from other parts of Florida in several ways. For example, the Panhandle area of Florida rents well in the summer months, but not so much in winter months as it’s too cold and breezy in the winter. Many people visit this region for boating and fishing, another distinction as the area has more homes and condos on saltwater canals than anywhere else in the world. Additionally, the area attracts casual boaters, as boating is easier than other parts of Florida, especially compared to the Atlantic side or northern areas of the Gulf: the Gulf of Mexico in this region is glass-like calm, and the ICW provides protected waterways.

    Any prospective purchaser searching for a home that will rent well seasonally in the region should start by asking the following questions:

    Does the home offer a view? People vacationing to Southwest Florida are far more likely to rent a home that offers a stunning view of the Gulf of Mexico or a well maintained golf course than one which overlooks a parking lot or mall. And with plenty of saltwater and freshwater lakes and canals throughout the region, finding a home or condo with a great view is actually easier than you think.

    What kind of sun exposure does the home offer? One of region’s biggest attractions is the sunshine, after all, this is the “Sunshine State.” However, not every home receives the same amount of sunshine, and the direction from which the sun is hitting the rear side of your home can be extremely important. Most people will prefer Western rear exposure because of the warm afternoon sunshine and beautiful evening sunsets. Southern and Eastern exposure can also be quite nice, especially for morning people who like to feel the sun as soon as they wake up. Northern rear exposure, on the other hand, is generally to be avoided as it provides little direct sunlight and warmth during the day, which can be especially problematic for homes with pools.

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